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Unfortunately, there are over 20,000 unemployed at-risk youth in Cuyahoga County alone and many of whom have barriers to entry into full-time employment that would make them unemployable at many organizations.


Resume writing workshops, free mentoring programs, and unpaid job training may help but often they are not as effective as giving someone a living wage job. While earning a living wage, our staff work with our youth to remove any barriers to full time employment at other most workplaces including but not limited to lack of reliable transportation, lack of quality resume, weak interview skills, childcare, lack of legal documents, gaps in employment, unstable living situations and technical skills needed at most workplaces. Staff, volunteers, and mentors help program participants to get their driver’s license, open a bank account, and learn how to responsibly manage their finances. Also, with the help of talented tradespeople and contractors, Cleveland Youth Landscaping helps to develop good work habits that ultimately translate to real life skills. Once prepared by our training staff, Cleveland Youth Landscaping works with each crew member to find full-time employment in an area of their interest and follows up for post-employment support to ensure job retention.

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Our "teach a person to fish while fishing" strategy is tried and true, but we need your help to continue the momentum. We need your company projects, contracts, old and new equipment, and investment to sustain our nonprofit's programming.


Each young person who disconnects from school or work costs an estimated $704,020 over his or her lifetime in lost earnings, lower economic growth, lower tax revenues, and higher government spending. For all disconnected youth in this country, the aggregate taxpayer burden is $1.56 trillion and the social cost is $4.75 trillion. Many disconnected youth lose their connection to school and work before age 19 which coincides with the age at which school dropout and unemployment rates are highest. At Cleveland Youth Landscaping, we've made this population our target client. Our programming instantly provides employment and from there we investigate and destroy barriers to employment at other organizations, then find permanent placement in an area of interest. Most of our graduates qualify to test into trade apprenticeship programs starting at $15/hr including benefits and they would've never selected that career path without being exposed to the programming at Cleveland Youth Landscaping. Help us grow our programming today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our 4 most common partnership questions. If your question isn't listed below, please use the form at the end of the page to submit your question.

We could take on 400 new lawn cuts, 100 new board-ups, and 50 new clean outs tomorrow.  We increase and decrease our capacity based on available projects and if the workload ever exceeds our capacity unexpectedly, we have partners ready and waiting to help us out just so our deadlines are met. Fill out your partnership agreement today

Sponsor FREE lawn cuts for an entire neighborhood (proper landscaping increases home values by up to 15%!), hire our youth after completion of our training, donate equipment (old or new), donate boots/uniforms, and more. The possibilities are endless. Let's start the conversation.

This all depends on the services you desire. We are a legitimate year-round company with well trained, legal and fully insured employees. We have overhead, labor and equipment cost addition to programming costs and we do our best to deliver competitive quotes for every project big or small.  To give you an idea on pricing for our most common service...a cut, strong edge, and light debris removal (under 3 cubic yards) starts at $35.

Yes, although we are not a 501c3 yet, all of our equipment and monetary donations go through the Re-Inspire Foundation, our 501c3 fiscal agent who writes our donation letters. Have a donation? Donate now.

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